Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Today's class was really fun and joyful. I have to translate the video below into English. I had faced some difficulties because the speaker used colloquial language..Let us watch this video..

These are the lists of sentences that are quite difficult to be translated..
1.Tak payah nak jadi mak ketam nak ajaq anak ketam jalan straight.
* Don't be like a mother's crab who teaches her children to walk straight.
( my lecturer said we can use "she" or another pronoun for animals if we know their sex)

2. Kalau hang jadi mak aku, aku jadi anak ketam, aku tak mau ikut hang,
aku lebih rela ikut buaya darat.    
* If you are my mother and I am your child, I won't take your advices and I am rather follow the land crocodile.

3.Hang tak payah dok sembang kencang.
     * Don't speak like you know everything..

Actually, the learning process like this is very effective. It enable us to enrich our vocabulary and think creatively..So after this, I will find some Malay videos to be translated..

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