Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Langkah tercipta

Semalam aku kelukaan
Kecewa kehampaan
Mencalar ketabahan
Impian seringku harapkan menjadi kenyataan
Namun tak kesampaian,

Inginku hentikan langkah ini
Bagaikan tak mampu untuk ku bertahan
Semangat tenggelam lemah daya
Haruskah aku mengelamun jiwa
Ku berbisik inilah dugaan

Dan langkahku kini terbuka
Pada hikmah dugaan uji keimanan
Dan dilontarkannya ujian diluar kekuatan setiap diri insan

Pimpini diriku
Untuk bangkit semula meneruskan langkah perjuangan ini
Cekalkan hati dan semangatku
Kurniakan ketabahan........
Agar mimpi jadi nyata..
PadaMu ku meminta

Dan ku mohon agung kudratMu
Wahai Tuhan Yang Satu
Segalanya dariMu

Langkah Tercipta - UNIC

*lirik ni mempunyai maksud yang amat mendalam*


These pictures were taken around Perlis Grape Garden

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Perlis Equine Centre & Perlis Grapes Garden


Last Thursday, my friends and I went to Perlis Equine Centre & Perlis Grapes Garden.
Our first destination is Perlis Equine Centre.There are lot of horses there. If you want to ride horse, you can go there on Saturday and Sunday (no fee is charged).

                                                    Welcome to Perlis Equine Centre

                                            The scenery around Perlis Equine Centre

After that, we went to Perlis Grapes Garden. You must pay RM 3 if you want to enter the garden. If you want to buy the grapes, you must pay RM 10.00 for 500 g.
                                                        Welcome to Perlis Grape Garden:)
                                                                    really delicious

That's all for today..(@_@)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Experiences teach us to be matured


Seems that the title above does not really related to the story that i'm going to tell..hehe...this is because of the "child development" paper..
Alhamdulillah, the examination is finally more tense after this and i can do my works peacefully..
After the examination ends, my friends asks me to accompany her to buy "harum manis". She said that her mom really wants to eat harum manis. so. i accompany her..we have a very long journey today. First, we go to Batu Pahat because my mom said that the price of harum manis there is cheaper..Unfortunately, i haven't found any stalls that sold harum manis. so, my friends and i continue our journey to Simpang Empat.
Alhamdulillah, we are able to find the stalls that sold harum manis. but when we ask the Mak Cik (the person who sells the varieties of mango) which one is harum manis, she said that all of them have been sold out..hohoho..we are really dissappointed..
Then, my friends aks the mak cik where she can get the harum manis, the mak cik said that it is really difficult to find harum manis now because there are too many request and the fruits are also not really fruity for this year.
We are very fortunate because the mak cik offer us to eat harum manis that is not really good to be sold out (maksudnya buah tu kurang baik tapi still boleh dimakan lagi). huu we are really happy..That mak cik is really kind and friendly..Thank you mak cikkk..the taste of harum manis is really amazing. that's the reasons why harum manis is really expensive..huhu..after finish eating the harum manis, we said thank you to the mak cik because she treated us very well although we are outsider..
she also offers us to come again next year..huuu..this mak cik is really kind..
 Then, we go to Kuala Perlis to see the sunset..subhanallah, the scenery is really beautiful..
                                 SUBHANALLAH,,, the only word that i can say at this moment
                                            Very amazing..Subhanallah
                                  This is my friend. Her name is Hakimah Nabahah. She is very unique girl
                                   who has unique voice..hehe..and the important one is she is very talkative and
                                   friendly...uhibbuki fillah..(@_@)                

After that, we are going back to out college...
Today's journey is really meaningful for me.. The first one is I've met a very kind person and the second one is i can see the GREATNESS OF HIS POWER..Subhanallah..

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Everything happen has its own reason(◕‿◕✿)

BUKAN SAJA-SAJA ALLAH meletakkanmu dalam BIDANG itu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA ALLAH memberikan UJIAN sebegitu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA ALLAH membiarkanmu mengemudi dalam KEADAAN sebegitu..

MELAINKAN ALLAH tahu kamu akan memberikan sesuatu dalam bidang itu..
MELAINKAN ALLAH tahu kamu bakal membiakkan ilmu-ilmu itu..
MELAINKAN ALLAH akan temukan kamu dengan insan-insan ikhlas membantu..
MELAINKAN ALLAH mahu menguatkanmu..
MELAINKAN ALLAH mahu kamu tahu betapa tingginya kasih sayangNYA padamu..


Sunday, 13 May 2012

You are my beloved mother

You're my shelter from the rain,
You're the shoulder I cry on
Whenever I feel pain
One touch from you and the pain is gone!

And all I've ever dreamed to be
Is to make you proud of me
Cos never once
Did you turn your back on me

Your healing words,
Your tender touch
The warmth of your embrace...

The beauty of your soul
Shines through your loving face!
❤❤❤ i love you mak❤❤❤

Monday, 7 May 2012

Basic concept of philosophy

the examination is around the corner. paper for next week is philosophy of education. so, i start doing the revision about the basic concept of philosophy and philosophy of education. i revise this topic first because this is an interesting topic and it is really easy to understand.

What is philosophy??? from my understanding, philosophy is a collection of ideas about human nature and the nature of reality that we live.

Philosophy also can be explained based on 3 aspect which are etymology, terminology and practicality.

1.Etymology (language): Philosophy comes from Greek word, Philosophia. Philo means "love" while sophia means "knowledge". So, philosophy means love for knowledge. Therefore, people who love the knowledge are known as philosopher.

2.Terminology: it means that different philosophers have different definitions for the meaning of philosophy. however, the similarity lies in the fact that these different meaning evolve around some elements such as man, God and universe.

3.Practicality: Philosophy means " thinking thoroughly, free from the bond of tradition and have these characteristics, namely systematic, radical and universe."

* Thinking systematically means thinking logically and sequentially.
example: if the sky is overcast, it seems that it will rain . so, it is not advisable  to hang out the clothes.when it rains, there is nobody to take the clothes in.

*Thinking radically means thinking to the finest detail and solve the problem with full of responsibility.
example: a teacher discovers that there is a pupil who often skip his lesson.Then, he will refer this case to the discipline teacher and he will even go to see that pupils to ask his problem. the  teacher also will go to that pupil's house to find the exact condition of his family.

*Thinking universally means not being confined to several aspects only  but encompasses the whole.
example: the street light in front of the house has not been working from past week. Before reporting it to the relevant authorities, it will be good to check if there are other street lights that have the same condition. this act will ensure the safety of the residents in the residential area.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


People succeed not because of what they are, but it is because of what they do