Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Perlis Equine Centre & Perlis Grapes Garden


Last Thursday, my friends and I went to Perlis Equine Centre & Perlis Grapes Garden.
Our first destination is Perlis Equine Centre.There are lot of horses there. If you want to ride horse, you can go there on Saturday and Sunday (no fee is charged).

                                                    Welcome to Perlis Equine Centre

                                            The scenery around Perlis Equine Centre

After that, we went to Perlis Grapes Garden. You must pay RM 3 if you want to enter the garden. If you want to buy the grapes, you must pay RM 10.00 for 500 g.
                                                        Welcome to Perlis Grape Garden:)
                                                                    really delicious

That's all for today..(@_@)

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