Monday, 7 May 2012

Basic concept of philosophy

the examination is around the corner. paper for next week is philosophy of education. so, i start doing the revision about the basic concept of philosophy and philosophy of education. i revise this topic first because this is an interesting topic and it is really easy to understand.

What is philosophy??? from my understanding, philosophy is a collection of ideas about human nature and the nature of reality that we live.

Philosophy also can be explained based on 3 aspect which are etymology, terminology and practicality.

1.Etymology (language): Philosophy comes from Greek word, Philosophia. Philo means "love" while sophia means "knowledge". So, philosophy means love for knowledge. Therefore, people who love the knowledge are known as philosopher.

2.Terminology: it means that different philosophers have different definitions for the meaning of philosophy. however, the similarity lies in the fact that these different meaning evolve around some elements such as man, God and universe.

3.Practicality: Philosophy means " thinking thoroughly, free from the bond of tradition and have these characteristics, namely systematic, radical and universe."

* Thinking systematically means thinking logically and sequentially.
example: if the sky is overcast, it seems that it will rain . so, it is not advisable  to hang out the clothes.when it rains, there is nobody to take the clothes in.

*Thinking radically means thinking to the finest detail and solve the problem with full of responsibility.
example: a teacher discovers that there is a pupil who often skip his lesson.Then, he will refer this case to the discipline teacher and he will even go to see that pupils to ask his problem. the  teacher also will go to that pupil's house to find the exact condition of his family.

*Thinking universally means not being confined to several aspects only  but encompasses the whole.
example: the street light in front of the house has not been working from past week. Before reporting it to the relevant authorities, it will be good to check if there are other street lights that have the same condition. this act will ensure the safety of the residents in the residential area.

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